Resuscitate Your Soul, How To Feel Alive Again

Resuscitate Your Soul, How to Feel Alive Again is a brilliant easy to read book, written in a down-to-earth style.

Life’s challenges can help us grow, but for some at times they can be overwhelming. Working as a Registered Health Professional Hazel King has witness through her own life and the lives of many others, that people can become greyer versions of themselves. By losing confidence, low self-esteem, relationship issues, fear, loss, financial difficulties and other emotional difficulties. She has seen first-hand the significant impact these negative emotions, situations and environments, can have on a person’s health, both physically and psychologically.

This book is designed to help those who know they want change, or for those who feel they have lost some of their vitality, who they truly are, or who they know they can be. The aim is to help those to recognise their current situation, to identify actions as a way forward, giving ideas for an emotional toolkit to help with this process. It also provides an opportunity for you to write and reflect on your own emotions. Importantly it helps you know you are not alone in this process and to help you feel connected.

The book combines the experiences of those seen in clinics, personal experiences and research. It takes conscious awareness, courage, determination and clarity of mind to make life-changing decisions, this book creates focus and clarity helping you to achieve that.

Resuscitate Your Soul

Feel alive again!
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