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Resuscitate Your Soul, How to Feel Alive Again is the first book published by Hazel King. Written in a brilliant and down-to-earth style, Hazel explains how to navigate through life’s many challenges.

Working as a Registered Health Professional, Hazel has witnessed first-hand how lack of confidence, low self-esteem, relationship issues and other such problems can impact those around her. This book is designed to help those who know they want to change, or for those who feel they have lost some of their vitality, the essence of who they truly are.
Resuscitate Your Soul, How To Feel Alive Again is an emotional toolkit, that aims to help people recognise their current situation, and identify the way forward.

Hazel combines her experiences of dealing with people, personal accounts and research, to help YOU find the courage, determination and clarify of mind to make life-changing decisions.

Learn to live again, buy the book now on Amazon.

Resuscitate Your Soul

Feel alive again!
Learn to live again, buy the book now on Amazon.

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